Your community, family and future matter most, that’s why we invest part of our profits back into creating better products and services for every single Hiver, and into the essential worker community. We’re passionate about what you're passionate about and want to support new ways of thinking that help improve your life and the essential worker community.


When we say we giveback, we really mean it.

  • Last year, over $1.5 million was invested back in the community.
  • 5% of Net Profits After Tax (NPAT) reinvested into the community. 
  • 329 hours spent volunteering.
  • 400 members helped with Financial Hardship Program.

Watch this space.

Over the coming months we'll be sharing some exciting plans about how we'll be helping support Australia's essential workers and how each and every Hiver can get involved.

In the mean time, make sure to follow us on the socials to stay up to date on our essential worker community updates.

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