If you're essential to Australia, you're essential to us.

Our Hive is open to essential workers who make our communities a better place for everyone else. To join you must be an Australian citizen and fit into one of the following:

1. All employees in the Education sector;
• Pre-school, Primary or Secondary school
• A tertiary education institution such as TAFE or University

2. Employees in the Emergency Services sector;
• Firefighters
• Employee of a government Fire Service
• Employee of Air Services Australia in their fire and emergency services
• Police (state and federal)
• State Emergency Services (SES)
• Ambulance Services (including paramedics)

3. Employees that work in the Health sector;
• Nurses
• Midwives
• Doctors
• Pharmacists
• Health care administrators
• All other occupations employed in a health setting

Because we know so many Australians value the hard work and commitment of essential workers, Hiver is open to the following categories who want to support the essential worker community too;

4. Graduates of an Australian University

5. Students currently studying at an Australian University

6. Immediate family of Hiver members


Do you currently have an account with Firefighters Mutual Bank, Health Professionals Bank, Teachers Mutual Bank or UniBank? At the moment you will be unable to join Hiver because you're already a member or customer of TMBL.

Our Hive is always growing.

Even if you’re not eligible to join at the moment, we are always hoping to add more essential professions and people to our community. Stay up to date on the latest developments from Hiver by following us on social media.

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