Some people are born to make the world a little better. We’re not talking super rich people, pretty people, athletes or giant tech company owners.

No way! 

We’re talking about the real people, doing the real jobs that make the world a really better place.

The people that do the big jobs, small jobs, scary jobs, gross jobs and the jobs that test your patience. The essential jobs. 

The ones that do a little bit every day, to try and make everything a little bit better.

The betterers'.

Hiver is here to make banking a little bit better for the betterers'.

We’re bringing the betterers' together. Because when the betterers' come together, well, things get even better!

Helping the community thrive.

Hiver isn’t just another bank, it’s a community. A busy Hive filled with like minded individuals wanting to get the most from their money while being driven by a shared purpose to help our communities.

That’s why we constantly address the concerns of the essential worker community by asking for your help when it comes to making big decisions. We’re a modern bank with modern technology, built on a foundation of ethical practices and care for each and every Hiver.

Hiver is new but our community isn’t.

While we may look new and shiny, we've been helping essential workers bank for longer than you think. That's because Hiver is a division of one of Australia's largest mutual banks, Teachers Mutual Bank Limited.

With over 230,000 members and over $10.70 billion in assets, you can feel safe in your decision to join a bank and community where trust, security and a focus on each individual member is key.

¹ While we're definitely looking to grow the Hive over time, at the moment we will only be accepting essential workers in education, health & emergency services plus students & graduates of an Australian university who want to support the essential worker community. Stay tuned to our socials for any updates to our member eligibility.

² Service subject to system availability.