Making your repayments easy-as.

Want to make repayments super easy and convenient + never miss a repayment?

  • Setup your pay to go straight into your Hiver account
  • Send us an in-app message letting us know how you want to split your pay (e.g. You want 50% of your pay to go towards your loan and the rest split between your Everyday and Saver account). We'll sort it out for you!

Top tips to help you save and get on top of your loan:

  1. Simply sync up your loan repayments with when you get paid - weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. That way you'll know you'll always have the funds in your account to cover your repayments.
  2. Save on interest and pay off your loan sooner when you make extra loan repayments (big or small).
  3. Got a pay rise or promotion? Congrats! Smash your loan down faster + save on interest when you bump up your regular repayment amount.
  4. Keep track of your $ - check your loan balance + transactions 24/7 in the Hiver app. Oh hey Ubereats! Time to cut back a bit?
  5. Need extra dollars? When your loan repayments are ahead by one or more payment, you can redraw those extra funds for any reason. No fees. No minimum or maximum amount. Just the dollars you need when you need them. How good's that?

Accessing your extra cash*.

Need some extra cash to cover life's little surprises (hello vet bills and car repairs)? Keep your loan repayments ahead by one or more payments and you can redraw those extra funds whenever you need them, 100% fee-free.

Plus when you redraw from your Hiver loan, we think it's your beeswax, not ours - you'll never have to tell us what you'll be using it for, you only need to make sure you stay ahead on your loan repayments. Deal?

How to redraw:

Simply transfer the extra funds you need from your loan balance to your Everyday or Saver account in the Hiver app or via Internet Banking. It's that easy!

Smashing your loan with extra repayments*.

Come into a little extra cash? You could save on interest and pay down your loan faster by making extra payments on your loan. Simply transfer the $ to your loan account from another Hiver account in the Hiver app or deposit directly from another bank.

Increasing your loan repayments*.

Want to save $ and pay off your loan faster? You can increase your regular repayment amount at any time. Just send us an in-app message with the new repayment amount you'd like to make and we'll do the rest!

We get that some times things change and you might need to decrease your loan repayments and that's okay. Just send us an in-app message 8am to 7pm, weekdays or 9am to 3pm, Saturday, so we can talk through your options.

Want to increase your current loan amount?

We're more than happy to help - you'll just need to submit a quick application for a new loan. Once that's received, our lending specialists will review your new application and get back to you with the outcome and your loan options.

Going through some tough times?

If you're experiencing financial difficulties or unable to make your repayments for another reason, please get in touch as soon as possible to find out how we can help. Our support team can provide you with options which could include flexibility with repayments, time extensions and other hardship solutions depending on your personal circumstances. The best way to get in touch is via in-app message or to send an email to [email protected].

* For variable loan products only