Protecting your privacy

We use the personal information you give us such as your name, date of birth and financial position to provide you with the products and services you request. We have security and privacy controls to protect this information and ensure it’s handled with care.

The documents below outline how we use your personal information and the measures in place to keep that information safe.


Privacy and Credit Reporting Policy

This is our primary policy regarding privacy matters.

Please read this Policy to find out how and why we collect personal information about you and how we handle personal information. It also tells you how you can contact us and how to make a privacy complaint.

Read our Privacy and Credit Reporting Policy


Privacy Notice

This is the information we provide you with when you become a Hiver. It sets out some basic details of how we collect and handle personal information and how we verify your identity.

Read our Privacy Notice


Statement of Notifiable Matters

This is a brief statement providing information about how we handle credit information as well as details of the credit reporting bodies we deal with.

Read our Statement of Notifiable Matters


Privacy Consent - Lending

This explains in more detail what happens if you apply for credit with us.

Read our Privacy Consent - Lending