Earn up to 2.25% p.a. interest2

Save more, more often with 1.85% p.a. on top of the base 0.40% p.a. All you need to do is:

  • Make at least one deposit each month.
  • Make no more than one withdrawal per month.

Fees & charges

The Hiver Saver account is mostly free to use4 but be careful not to overdraw in which case you'll be charged interest.

Set up and monthly account fees 


Unlimited transfers direct from Saver account


Unlimited set up and alterations to direct debits


International conversion fee

2.90% of transaction value in $AUD

Read our complete Fees and charges


We don't charge any everyday banking or monthly fees. There are a few special services fees we do need to pass on though - see our Fees and charges.

The best way is by using the Hiver app. You can also log into internet banking via the website at anytime¹. For the best experience we suggest using the app.

Absolutely! You are able to setup direct debits as well as make EFT, BPAY and OSKO payments directly from your Saver accounts.

Remember that in order to unlock the Bonus Saver rate, you can only make 1x withdrawal from your Saver account each month. If you need to make more than 1x withdrawal, you'll still receive a competitive savings rate.

Yes. Interest rates can change without notice and are dependent on the current state of the market.

1 Before you decide on any of our products and services, we strongly recommend you read both the Hiver Bank Conditions of Use Accounts and Access and Hiver Bank Fees and Charges. We have not considered your objectives, financial situation or needs. Service subject to system availability. The target market for this product can be found within the product’s Target Market Determination, available here.

2 Base rate of 0.40% p.a. and variable bonus rate of 1.85% p.a. when conditions are met. Conditions include making at least one (1) deposit per month and no more than one (1) withdrawal per month.

3 Under the Australian Federal Government's Financial Claims Scheme funds are protected to a maximum of $250,000 for each account holder per institution. In the case of joint accounts, each account holder is entitled to a maximum of $250,000. If you have separate bank accounts with different brands of Teachers Mutual Bank Limited, the limit of $250,000 applies to your total funds you have in all your deposit accounts with us. This is because we operate under more than one brand name but have only one banking licence.

4 Other special services fees may apply. See Fees and charges brochure.